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Bull Pull Sports and Fitness Program

Bull Pull is a two dimensional program, first Bull Pull is highly competitive sport that can be played indoors and outdoors.   Second,  it is an excellent fitness and conditioning source for all age groups and genders.

There are four key factors that place Bull Pull among the elite sport and fitness programs:

  1. Develops overall body strength
  2. Increases stamina 
  3. Builds endurance
  4. Encourages self confidence 

 This innovative new competitive program is one of the most challenging sports concepts on the market today. No matter what sport you like to watch or play, you are be sure to take an interest in Bull Pull once you see and experience the game for yourself.

 If you are in good physical health and would like to compete in a highly competitive sport, then try Bull Pull, it’s the ultimate sports and

fitness program on the market today.

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There are a simple set of rules that allow for explosive and crueling competition.

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