1 on 1 tug of war

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Bull Pull is the ultimate two-person tug of war that test an individual’s physical strength, endurance, and self-determination. The Game is played by two people standing opposite of each other (10) ten yards apart. Each player wears a specially designed harness called the BPLXT. 


The object of the game is to pull your opponent 15 yards before he pulls you within a (5) five minute time span. The game is won or determined by which teem wins the most points in fifteen 15 rounds of play. There are (15) players that make up the men team, one in each weight classification.


15 man teams divided into 15 weight classifications

See   Mens Weight Classification 


 Player Option: if a position is vacant at the time of competition, a player in a lower weight class can move up and challenge the opposition in the higher weight class.   A player in a higher weight class cannot move down in a lower weight class to challenge. 

 A player will be disqualified from the game if he: 

(a) disrespect the authority of the referee

(b) go out of bounds during a matc

(c) grab the rope after the match have started

(d) jump the starting whistle more than one time, 

(e) disrespect the authority of his coach, or any Bull Pull Sports official

(f) found wearing unofficial shoes during a match, cleats may not be

longer than 1' inch on natural grass surfaces. 

Each player can go from side to side as long as they do

not go out of bounds.

 A flag is placed in the center of the rope;  it hangs directly over the center marker.


The time limit for each match is from one second up to 5 minutes long.


Power Pull - is usually used on two occasions: when one person is physically stronger than his opponent, or if his opppent is using the Pop and Pull. Use the Power Pull strategy to over power your opponent, do not 

allow him/her to rest.

The Zig Zag - is a lateral side-to-side pulling strategy, it is normally used to throw your opponent off their balance. Use the Zig Zag to counter The Zig Zag and the Power Pull Strategy.

The Pop and Pull - is a surge count move usually a 1-2, on 3 signal. This bullish style strategy consists of a back and forth surge motion. This strategy is used to uproot your opponent from his position and force him

to battle against you.


mens weight classifications

Pullers from a lower weight class may move up to challenge a heavier opponent